Cordoba festivals Archive

Cordoba Window grilles and balconies festival/competition

Pilgrimage and competitions whose main protagonist is beautiful Cordoba. Coinciding with the popular Courtyards Competition, there is also a “Window Grilles and Balconies” Competition.Those who take part decorate the traditional window grilles and balconies of their houses with a colourful array of flowering plants.

Cordoba, Montilla-Moriles Wine-tasting Festival

Every year, the Montilla-Moriles Wine-tasting Festival is held in Cordoba. Over 20 bodegas (wine-cellars) take part, and the people of Cordoba come in their droves to taste the local wines and traditional tapas. There is also music to liven up the atmosphere and a variety of events, including special wine-tasting events organised by professional wine-tasters, open to visitors who apply.