Premier Resort Vacations Highlights PGA Tour Latin America

Premier Resort Vacations knows that there are few destinations in the world more extraordinary than Mazatlán. This is a city that is full of amazing attractions, from the stunning historic buildings in the downtown district, to the sculpture lined Malecon. Travelers that head to Mazatlán can find themselves enjoying days on the sunny beaches and evenings at the theater. It is a well-rounded and vibrant city with a lot to offer those who visit each year, making it an extraordinary destination. Additionally, Mazatlán is a city that offers a number of extraordinary events so that each and every vacation can be truly unique.

 In the spring, the events in Mazatlán are varied and abundant. There is everything from arts and cultural festivals to one of a kind sporting events. One of the best events that is happening, according to Premier Resort Vacations, is the PGA Tour Latin America event. The Open Mazatlán which is hosted in this city will be one of four PGA Tour Latin America tournaments that are going on in Mexico this year. The level of competition featured at this event is sure to bring a lot of excitement to anyone who visits.

 Held from the 26th to the 29th of March, this tour brings a high level of competition that will thrill spectators as they watch the competitors go head to head in this thrilling tournament. For those who are excited after witnessing this competition, there are many opportunities for them to head to the courses themselves as Mazatlán has many great venues where travelers can enjoy a day on the fairways with friends.

 Premier Resort Vacations knows that this thrilling sporting event is just one of the many extraordinary opportunities that travelers can take advantage of when they travel to Mazatlán. Every trip to this beautiful destination is one that can be fun and relaxing all at once, and every traveler can use the unique events that take place here year round to craft a vacation experience that is unique to them. With a number of extraordinary events in the spring, including arts festivals and surfing competitions, now is the ideal time to start planning a getaway to Mazatlán. With flights to this destination always increasing, it is easier than ever before to enjoy a getaway to this beautiful location.

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