Bagedo IB Announces Launch of Company, New Website and IT Services

Bagedo IB is surging forward into the online world of E-Commerce with their new website and company The Saudi company recognized the need for cutting-edge web solutions to enable local businesses to capitalize on the digital market and build a compelling web presence. Additionally, they recognized the need for an online, central marketplace where customers across sectors in Saudi Arabia can go for a one stop solution to all their shopping needs. Bagedo IB will be unique in how it promotes businesses and helps them in the Saudi market. Bagedo IB’s uniqueness will stem from its diverse features; such as a mobile app to manage a website, training and personal assistance, premier security and safety, connecting business with shipping companies and more. Bagedo believes the economy is powered by small business entrepreneurs and its services are targeted directly at them. Bagedo IB will create a destination that lets businesses make the transfer to online rapidly and efficiently. Its website creates what is best described as a ‘virtual e-mall’. Through this digital marketplace, shoppers will have access to hotels, restaurants, boutiques and small to medium sized independent companies.

The online shopping industry, or ecommerce, has been booming lately, especially mobile commerce which is made using a smart phone or a tablet. The purchases made with a mobile device have increased three times faster than desktop-based ecommerce in the past few years. Statistics from all over the world show ecommerce increasing anywhere from 10-30%. This is why Bagedo IB plans to help get Saudi Arabia business online and into the ecommerce world. It has the potential to really boost the economy by helping businesses move online. Once a business is online they will receive greater exposure and promotion through Bagedo IB’s website. Bagedo IB’s website and shipping connections also allow a local business to expand its potential customer base.

Bagedo IB’s international team brings expertise and experience. They provide multi-lingual assistance, and will be available 24/7 to help with any matters related to the business. The team will work with business owners to develop their brands and market their products. This multi-pronged approach will save businesses money and allow them to thrive again. The team can help businesses enhance their user experience through their website design, multiple payment options feature and high bandwidth and storage capacity.

Sir Hani Ahmed Bagedo is the son of late dignitary Sir Ahmed Bagedo, a real estate and Healthcare tycoon in the KSA region. Sir Hani Ahmed Bagedo received a BS in International Business and Management and a marketing minor in political science from the esteemed Huron University London. Sir Hani has established many Co & Organizations and is a member of many of the boards. He is the founder and chairman of Hani Bagedo International Brands. He is the owner of Hani Bagedo Trading Company and Chairman of Hani Bagedo real estate, Hani Bagedo Development and Bagedo Medical. He is also an MCI entrepreneur Board member and advocate for Arabia’s IT portal business solution development.

For more information about Bagedo IB, contact Atif Sheikh at atif(at)bagedoib(dot)com